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This smaller BBQ is a perfect cooking tool and can be used in any number of surroundings, be it a busy kitchen or a beach, this Kamado style BBQ will never fail to impress customers or friends with its show-stopping flavours! It creates superior heat circulation, which gives amazing results time after time.  With a temperature range of 80°C to 400°C it is capable of cooking joints low for a long time, or using the high temperatures that can be achieved with the ceramic to cook steak and sausages fast!  You can grill, bake and smoke all in one, why not choose some smoking chips to add even more flavour to your creations!

The obviously hard-wearing ceramic finish shows the attention that has gone into making this a high quality BBQ, Berghoff BBQ's are made from high fire ceramics, with an outer surface that is extremely durable to weathering.  With exceptionally accurate temperature controls this really is a perfect BBQ.
•lumpwood charcoal is recommended with this BBQ it lights quickly, will create less ash and also burn for longer
•58h x 33w x 40d (cm)
•27cm cooking diameter (suitable for 4 burgers)
•outer surface durable glaze
•we'd always advise to cook with the lid down, as this creates more heat retention and a higher cooking temperature
•you can check the cooking temperature with the built in thermometer
•always follow instructions when lighting charcoal, do not use petrol, white spirit, alcohol, or other similar fluids when lighting
•leave the charcoal to die down naturally and do not try and extinguish the charcoal with water
•high-fire heat-resistant ceramic fire box
•for outdoor use or with adequate ventilation
•1 year warranty

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