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Leith's Vegetable Bible - Polly Tyler
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Vegetarians, or just lovers of vegetables, will find Leith's Vegetable Bible an indispensable addition to their cookbook collection. This tome of vegetarianism is packed with 1000 recipes ranging from starters to desserts and accompaniments, as well as handy information on nutrition and managing a non-meat diet. The book is arranged by vegetable type, so it's easy to look up recipes that use what you've got in the pantry. Information such as the peak season for each vegetable and the vitamins found in each is also included. Polly Tyrer and the other four contributing authors offer a wide range of recipes from all over the world. Mediterranean dishes such as fresh spinach cannelloni appear alongside Asian-inspired recipes like noodles with peanut sauce and raw vegetables as well as Middle-Eastern and South American flavours. In fact, there is such a plethora of choice that it's hard to decide which recipe (or which continent) to start with. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy using this cookbook. Most of the dishes (for example, the Thai red pumpkin and coconut curry) are so hearty that you won't miss the meat at all. Alternatively, you could use many of them (such as asparagus with lemon and caper sauce) as accompaniments to a carnivorous meal. On the downside, only 16 of the 1000 recipes are accompanied by a photograph. This may cause less-confident cooks to shy away from the more complex recipes, but most of the dishes are simple enough and the steps are well explained. The Vegetable Bible is useful for both everyday cooking and impressing friends at dinner parties

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