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Couture Chocolate - William Curley
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At one time, cocoa beans were prized so highly they were used as currency and only the privileged could enjoy what the Aztecs knew as xocoatl. Nowadays, high-quality chocolate is widely available in many different delicious forms to an increasingly discerning market. In this decadent book, the UK's premier chocolatier William Curley, presents the ultimate masterclass for all things chocolate. Couture Chocolate first examines the origins of one of the world's most popular foods - explaining the method of creating chocolate, how its quality depends to a large extent on the variety of bean used, and the differences between plain, milk and white. It reveals how some of today's most popular flavours - such as vanilla and chilli were those flavoured by the Aztec discoverers of chocolate, centuries ago. In the chocolate masterclass, William shares his techniques and most mouthwatering recipes, starting with the basics: tempering and making a bar of chocolate; advice on how to add exotic flavours like rosemary or raspberry; and introducing different textures. Once those skills have been mastered, it's time to tackle some of his incredible creations...His delectable recipes are helpfully grouped into sections : Truffles and filled chocolates: Featuring the science behind creating the perfect truffle, how to make ganache, and add fabulous flavours. Couture Chocolates: Revealing experimental - but delicious - fillings such as apricot and wasabi, sea salt caramel, black rice vinegar, and thme. Bouches and Small Delights: Including blackcurrant tea cake, chocolate rochers and millionaire shortbread. Patisserie: Covering chocolate and praline Paris Brest, chocolate financier with passion fruit curd, chocolate mille-fuille and more. Cakes and Biscuits: Boasting chocolate and pistachio cake, macaroons, sable and chocolate rosette with orange ganache. Chocolate Ices, Drinks, Sauces and Spreads: A huge variety, including Gianduja chocolate, Tahitian vanilla and golden chestnut

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