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Dessert Cuisine Oriol Balaguer
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We present you with a unique work: the first book to be published that is exclusively dedicated to dessert cuisine, an innovative gastronomic proposal already unavoidable in the finest restaurants. Though young for his stature, Oriol Balaguer is one of the great masters of this new professional style, this revolution that constitutes the definitive step from general pastry making to dessert haute cuisine. His luxurious presentation and modern design, in addition to the extraordinary quality of the photography, contribute to the attractiveness of this work, marking a strong introduction to the world of dessert cuisine. Balaguer makes a great show of his precise knowledge of raw products that allows him to optimize their use and his results. He describes with perfect clarity the necessary ingredients and the process of preparation, as well as offering commentaries for the ideal construction, assembly and tasting. Sweet cuisine is an undoubtedly revolutionary concept. Oriol Balaguer knows how to express his complexity through audacious creations (like his ôfrozen cherry soup with fresh cheese and beet ice-creamö, the ôtomato ravioli with basil and yogurt sorbetö or the ôchocolate curry lollipopö), which are the best demonstration of his inarguable art and his unshakeable genius.

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