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Molecular Cuisine Twenty Techniques Forty Recipes - Cazor & Lienard Zoom Molecular Cuisine Twenty Techniques Forty Recipes - Cazor & Lienard 20% off
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Molecular Cuisine Twenty Techniques Forty Recipes - Cazor & Lienard
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Get more recipes, more techniques, more deliciousness! Using methods that may seem more suited to science labs than kitchens, Molecular Cuisine: Twenty Techniques, Forty Recipes unlocks the secrets to the dishes, textures, techniques, and sensations of molecular cuisine. It explores revolutionary techniques that have the remarkable ability to toy with the chemical and physical reactions of cooking to create revolutionized versions of common cuisine.

With the recipes and techniques in this book, you will quickly be creating dishes such as:

•Fizzy Chocolate
•Puffed Peanut Chicken Fries with Pastis Mayonnaise
•Apple and Beet Tea
•Egg Yolk Marshmallow with Ratatouille
•Hard-Boiled Egg Lollipop
•Goat Cheese Flan with Dijon Mustard Caramel
•Minty Tapioca Pearls in Green Tea

Balancing just enough science to explain why the techniques work, with easy-to-follow recipes, the book covers emulsion, culinary foam, spherification, caramelization, the maillard reaction, soft and hard gels, and effervescence. It describes 20 techniques and 40 molecular cuisine recipes, all illustrated with luscious color photographs. Once you master these techniques you can use them to develop your own flavor profiles and texture combinations. You can, literally, play with your food, and it will be delicious.

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  • Dudley Pankhurst 29 May 2014
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    I bought this the other week and I am very pleased with it. It is full of very handy recipes which are easy to follow and complete. I would recommend it to anyone else who is tryin to further their knowledge on molecular cuisine.

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