You Can Leave Your Hat On

Le Chef Hat

Make sure you look the part in the kitchen, and keep your appearance tidy, with a chef hat from Russums. We have a collection of chefs’ hats in various sizes and designs, including trilbies, caps and the traditional tall chef hat. So whichever style you go for, you’re sure to look the business! We also stock the classic ‘Toque’ hats which are a popular choice for professional chefs. The modern toque is believed to have been popularised by the famous French chefs Marie-Antoine Careme and Auguste Escoffier, and the many folds on a toque blanche are said to signify the many ways that a professional chef can cook an egg! Our chefs’ hats are available in multipacks, or as singles and in a range of sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect professional chefs’ hats for you and your kitchen. Take a look at our full range of chefs’ hats today, as well as our great selection of professional clothing.

21 February 2011


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