Chefs Jackets Can Be Stylish Too!

Marie Antoine Careme designed the modern chef jackets in the mid 1800s. He transformed the Chefs Jacket and gave it a new look. Before this Chefs would wear grey-coloured jackets. The new jackets for the chefs had a double breasted design. After that this became the trademark and chefs have continued to wear white double breasted coats to this day. Professional chef's jackets are usually made from pure cotton. Cotton is the best fabric as it keeps a person cool in hot conditions and acts as insulation besides not being as easily flammable as synthetics, which can be vital in the kitchen. Most of the chef uniforms are made of cotton as it can act as a protection from the hot liquids. The jackets made for the chefs are also quite durable so that they are capable of withstanding harsh conditions in a kitchen. Chef’s jackets are available in a wide range of designs. If you search the market you will find regular jackets as well as higher quality, stylish jackets. Many chefs jackets come in male and female designs and some are even unisex. Apart from these lovely designs, these jackets are also available in a wide range of colours. Chefs in some restaurants wear jackets of specific colours, appropriate to the restaurant. Today we can see some chefs wearing multi-coloured jackets. Why not take a look at the great range of Chefs Jackets we have available at Russums.

27 April 2011


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