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Global Knifes

A Global knife-set is the key piece of kit for many of the world’s top chefs. Every knife in the Global range — from cleaver to paring knife — has a razor sharp ergonomic design, expertly weight-balanced and of an extremely high technical specification. Made from extra durable molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, Global knives cut with maximum efficiency and are easy to use even throughout long shifts in the kitchen. In comparison with many European knife designs, they are thinner and lighter but also significantly stronger and harder — and they stay sharp over years of use. Global knives are also ultra-hygienic — the vast majority of the range are an integrated, one-piece design that leaves no dirt traps, and are supremely easy to clean and sterilize. Global knives are an iconic Japanese product. The Global vision is that as a Samurai could trust his Katana sword and hand it down over generations, so a Global knife will last a lifetime in the hands of a great chef. Global was founded by Minoru Tsuchida in 1985 and Komin Yamada’s classic knife designs are manufactured using traditional Japanese methods with contemporary styling. The incredible range of Global knives can equip a chef for just about any specialist task. It includes: the original Deba knife, carving and cooking knives, meat choppers, slicing knives for salmon, roast meat and bread, sashimi knives, fillet knives and boning knives, Chinese choppers, long slicers, fluted knives and vegetable knives. Over the last 25 years, the excellence of Global knives has been recognized in numerous awards — for product design and function — in Japan, Britain and across Europe. And in the best kitchens all over the world Global Knives are also prized by great chefs — ultra sharp, hygienic, beautiful to handle, and durable enough to last a lifetime. We have a fantastic range of Global Knives available online at www.russums-shop.co.uk.

13 January 2011


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