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Chefs knives are one of the most imperative implements needed when working in a busy kitchen environment. They are required to be easy to use and of course sharp, in order to cut vegetables, meat and any other necessary foods. With incorrect or faulty equipment, a chefs’ job is only made harder and could possibly result in injury from blunt or imperfect kitchen knives. This needs to be avoided at all costs. The well-being of kitchen staff should be number one priority at all times.

At Russums we stock the largest range of professional chefs knives which come from some of the world’s leading producers such as Global knives, Geisser, Smithfield knives, I.O Shen, Kasumi, Masahiro, Wusthof, Tojiro Senkou, Gustav Emil Ern and Sbatier Perrier. Each of these brands have been approved by us due to their obvious excellence and proven track record of providing the best service in a busy working kitchen. We can say with some confidence that you will find exactly what you need here amongst the many kitchen knives available to view and purchase.

Kasumi knives have always been a popular choice for chefs and kitchen assistants. Their blade is made up from 32 fine layers and remains exceedingly sharp. With the right user, this selection of chefs knives will cut food to instant perfection.

Many of the chefs knives found at Russums can be bought with different coloured handles which allow those working in the kitchen to differentiate between the specific knife to use for fish, meat and vegetables. From a health and safety aspect, this will avoid cross contamination of any possible bacteria from meats such as raw chicken. The colour code does not have to be limited to just knives. If this is a notion you are particularly keen on then it can be rolled out to chopping boards and many other pieces of catering equipment.

View the chefs knives we have available and make a purchase online today.

IMPORTANT – You must be 18 years or over to purchase knives from this site.