Carbon Club

In 2021 we partnered with Forest Carbon as a member of their 'Carbon Club', an initiative that allows organisations the opportunity to address their carbon footprint in a long lasting and effective way by mitigating emissions.

'Offsets' are not a silver bullet solution that allow businesses to emit more, however they do have a role to play in funding the creation of new carbon sequestering ecosystems which have a key role in reducing carbon levels and increasing localised resilience to climate change.

Forest Carbon invests in nature-based climate solutions - projects in Woodlan Creation and Peatland Restoration - for example woodland at Swinside Mill in the Scottish Borders.

Woodland schemes are certified by the Woodland Carbon Code, supported by the UK government and internationally recognised by ICROA (International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance).

Peatland schemes are certified by the Peatland Code which is supported by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). These certification codes assure the additionality and permanence of each tonne of carbon stored.

Not only will these projects sequester carbon over time, but they also host multiple co-benefits supporting biodiversity, flood mitigation, water remediation and community green space.

Please follow this link to see the current total of trees planted and carbon captured through our membership:

Forest Carbon - Russums


2022 update

In addition to investing in UK projects, the Carbon club also enables members to support VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Certified international offsets, such as rainforest protection, agroforestry in developing countries and peatland protection.


These projects not only create carbon savings but also support employment and create community benefits.

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