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Cocktail Cuisine Tony Botella
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Though not very well known by the general public, Tony Botella is a reputable professional within the field who, after much experience and his time spent with Grupo ParadÝs as director of R&D, he opened his own cuisine workshop. It is a center specialized in gastronomic consultancy, training for professionals and catering. But also a space in which Botella consecrates his passion: culinary investigation and the development of new techniques. The preparations presented in this book are the fruit of his labors in his quest to evolve and discover new processes and textures. Cocina para C¾ctel illustrates the will of Botella to break with the traditional notions of applications for cocktail ware. As the author himself defines it, it is ôcuisine to be eaten standing upö, without the necessity for utensils or bread. More than 50 original preparations of a specially designed cuisine for tasting in cocktail glasses, grouped under suggestive titles like ôfoie bonbonsö, ôcup dishesö or ômakicanapesö. Imagine the possibility of serving trays of beautiful cocktails filled with spaghetti. Tony Botella creates an ingenious technique to pull it off. Additionally, all the creations are illustrated with step-by-step instructions and attractive photographs of the final assemblies. The new format and remodeled binding make this volume a manageable tool of great use to the professional.

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