Embroidery Help

Our team on in-house seamstresses are able to embroider most fabric items to your personal specification, which you can control through this website.

How to add a embroidery

Embroidery is available on any product showing this banner:-

You will be given the option to add an embroidery once you have purchased an item. Alternatively click “add embroidery” button next to the item in the basket.

Step 1 : Choose Location

Where would you like your embroidery to appear? Once you have chosen a location and set-up your embroidery you will be given the chance to add another.

Step 2: Select a template

The template controls the layout of your embroidery, i.e. how many lines of text and whether or not it includes a logo.

Written text (no set-up charge)

1 line of embroidery - This would typically be a name or company name e.g. ‘John Smith’.

2 lines of embroidery This would typically be a name on one line and job title under e.g. ‘John Smith’ ‘Head Chef’

3 lines of embroidery This would typically be a company name with a personal name underneath and a job title underneath that e.g. ‘The Red Lion’ ‘John Smith’ ‘Head Chef’


To add a logo or other image to your embroidery just select a template that includes logo.

There is a one off origination fee of £25 plus VAT to set up a new logo.

Do we already have your logo?

We keep all previous logos, so if we have used your design, just describe it to us and we can use it again. This will save you the £25 fee

New Logo

If we have not seen your logo before, upload it through our embroidery system. We’ll set it up and send you a sample for approval.

Once originated your logo will be held on file and can be added at a low price per garment as and when required. Just make sure you select 'yes' when the systems asks 'Do we have your logo?', to avoid further origination fees.

Student or Lecturer?

We have College logos on file, so select “yes” to the question 'Do we have your logo?', then just tell us the name of your College and we will do the rest.


Flags can be embroidered in two styles, either with crossed poles e.g. British / French or the flat flag only (with no pole).

Crossed flags are ideal for positioning on the front, back or sleeves and flat flags can be embroidered on the collars of jackets or shirts.

The option to use Flags will only be available on collars. So select this location and the the type of flag you want.

Multiple Embroideries

You can add several different pieces of embroidery to the same garment and can edit your choices before finally sending it to Russums.

The total price for all your embroideries will be displayed in the summary at the top of the embroidery screen and in your basket.

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