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  • Tunic Launch

    Tunic Launch

    12 September 2017

    We’ve increased our range of stylish workwear with the launch of a hybrid tunic tabard We have launched a range of stylish new tabards. Designed specifically for catering and hospitality workers, the new polyester cotton hybrid wrap tunic tabards feature a centre pocket and are available in ......Read More

  • Top Chefs Share Their Best Knife Tips

    Top Chefs Share Their Best Knife Tips

    8 September 2017

    Take five top chefs, a pot of Michelin stars and the freshest, finest produce from across the globe. In other words, the perfect ingredients for a truly mind blowing culinary masterpiece. Well, almost. Because when it comes to bringing that all important ‘je ne sais ......Read More

  • Wusthof knives FAQs

    Wusthof knives FAQs

    5 September 2017

    Click on the links below to jump to the relevant questions: Are Wusthof knives good? How do you sharpen Wusthof classic knives? Which Wusthof knives are the best? How much is a set of Wusthof knives? Are Wusthof knives good? Wusthof knives are one well known for their high quality and ......Read More

  • Shun knives FAQs

    Shun knives FAQs

    5 September 2017

    How do you sharpen Shun knives? The manufacturer of the Shun knife range — Kai — suggests sharpening Shun knives in one of three ways: Using a whet stone With a table top sharpener that accommodates the 16% bevel found on most Shun blades Sending the knife away to ......Read More

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