Victorinox Kitchen Knife Sets & Cases Now Available At Russums

Victorniox cases are the perfect way to store professional chefs knives and here at Russums we have a wide selection for you to choose from and buy online today. Alongside cases we have a range of Victorinox sets including rosewood handles, moulded handles and more. If you would like to discuss your utensil needs with us then please pick up the phone and you will find one of our skilled team members ready to help and answer all of your questions. With many years of experience Russums are able to advise on the best products available to suit you. The prices attached to our Victorinox sets and cases are highly competitive and we believe that this coupled with our high level of customer service is the basis for a great purchase experience.

You will notice that our Victorinox cases are solid and depending on the size will hold cooks knives, pastry knives, peelers, zesters, decorators, paring knives, filleting knives, carving forks and more. For those who prefer a block style we offer high quality items that will hold up to ten knives. Choose cases, blocks and wallets from our Victorinox sets section and make your kitchen life easier, safer and more professional. Victorinox is an evolving brand with new and exciting products hitting the market regularly. We sought only the best sets and cases when adding to our collection. If there is a particular set or case you would like to get hold of ask us today and we will do our best to locate it for you.

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