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Kai Wasabi Black Knives

Kai Wasabi Black Knives

We’ve increased our range of performance chefs’ knives with the launch of the Kai Wasabi Black series

We’re pleased to report that we have consolidated our position as a key supplier of specialist chefs’ knives with the launch of the Kai Wasabi Black range.

Made in Japan by the world famous Kai company, the Wasabi Black range of chefs’ knives are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are available both in the traditional Japanese single edge blade shape and in double-edged versions.

The knife blades are hardened to Rockwell C58 +/-1 degrees and feature a slightly arched back of the blade that ensures a secure grip while working and facilitates a fine rocking motion. The black resin handle surrounds the blade completely and ensures that dirt cannot get into any gaps.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager, John-Paul Marsden is delighted to introduce the Wasabi Black knife range to our extensive knife offering: “The Wasabi Black knives are perfectly designed for cutting and slicing and the addition of bamboo powder to the handles makes them very comfortable to use.”

The range is manufactured by craftsmen in Seki, the historic capital of the Japanese cutlery industry and comprises 10 products, including utility, chefs’ and specialist Yanagiba and Deba knives. Prices start at £31.22 plus VAT for the 20cm chefs’ knife.

21 February 2018

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